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befriending the dark: 
living powerfully in a broken world 

Image by Annie Spratt

These are dark times.  Climate breakdown.  Disinformation.  Division.  War.  Everywhere you look are signs that our way of life is over, and we are entering times of chaos and collapse.  


How do we navigate this new territory?  How do we prepare for what more is coming?  


Understanding the dynamics of darkness can be transformative.  When we recognise the different kinds of darkness and how they operate, we grow in courage for many different reasons.  We also strengthen our vision of wholeness for ourselves and for the Earth.  

  • Working with our own personal shadow frees us from wasting precious life energy in judging and reacting to others, and gives us access to our own wholeness.    

  • When we see how collective shadow projection works in our communities and on the global stage, we can remain clear-sighted and avoid getting caught up in unnecessary conflicts and dramas.  

  • Understanding the darkness playing out in our world through disinformation and untruth will protect us from naivety as well as reveal helpful practices to keep us grounded in what is real. 

  • Being willing to face into the many aspects of collapse that are yet to come, can be empowering and prepare us for serving others rather than pursuing self-protection.  

  • Recognising the ‘unbinding power’ of chaos and collapse can liberate us from attachments to identities and ways of being that are not sustainable in these turbulent times.  Changing our relationship with chaos can unleash creativity and resilience we didn’t know we had.   

  • When we know the ecological holism behind methods like rewilding and permaculture is also a form of shadow integration, this adds to our vision.  We can then help heal the root causes of the crises which lie in the worldview of separation.  


When we truly understand how to bridge the split between light and dark in ourselves and our world, we pass beyond innocence.  We can walk into the challenges of the future connected to each other and our Earth.  We can be authentic visionaries, in service to the whole, holding the seeds of regenerative life within us.   

This in-person programme is for you if you want to:

  • Trust through chaos

  • Use the challenges of the times to access your full potential

  • Be the change you want to see in a fully congruent way

  • Lead with greater power and authenticity.  



The programme includes 8 modules, which can be online or in-person, weekly or in longer workshops or retreats.  The modules include:

Befriending our own darkness part I:  This forms the foundation of our journey.  In this opening module we explore the personal shadow and the dynamics of shadow projection and develop tools to re-integrate our lost potential.  

Befriending our own darkness part II:  How can the tool of dreamwork enable us to befriend the many facets of our rejected self?  How does our own inner work make a contribution to social change?   

Collective darkness:  We explore the role of the collective shadow in the deepening global crises we face.  How does our cultural rejection of certain elements of life play into what is unfolding around us?  Where is shadow projection involved in our current divisions and conflicts?  How can we find wiser ways of responding?  What does it mean to be a peace-maker from a place beyond dualism? 

Befriending the wild:  How does shadow integration help us change our relationship with Earth?  How do methods such as rewilding, permaculture and systems thinking fit within this model?  

Untruth:  How is disinformation being used to divide us?  What kind of darkness is playing out behind these dynamics?  How can we stay grounded in what is real?   Are there forms of darkness one shouldn't 'befriend'? 

Preparing for dark futures:  How can deep adaptation help prepare ourselves and our communities for what is to come?  How can we change our relationship with chaos and befriend its ‘unbinding power’?  

Darkness, spirituality and vision:  How can relating to the different forms of darkness consciously help us live more powerfully in a broken world?  How does befriending the dark change the way we understand spirituality?  How can it give us a much bigger vision of wholeness and more robust sense of meaning?    

Guest tutors  

The programme includes cutting edge guest speakers, with particular wisdom around this theme.  

If you're interested to collaborate with me on bringing this programme to your community - click the button below! 

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