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embodied dreamwork

using the body to access
the transformative power of dreams 

Two mini online workshops 


Tues 27th Sept 7.30pm to 9.30pm 

Tues 4th Oct Sept 7.30pm to 9.30pm 

I’ve been using an embodied technique to work with my dreams for the last few years and have found it very helpful and transformative - so I felt moved to share it with the wider Sufi network for anyone who is interested. 


I am not an expert in this technique, I simply developed a few methods for myself by playing with my dreams and experimenting.  It was only afterwards I discovered there is a whole world of embodied dreamwork out there to learn from!  


Embodied dreamwork is a simple tool that involves stepping bodily into your dream characters and becoming them - noticing what physical sensations you experience and what feelings come.  You can also step into dream landscapes and sense them from the inside.  And you can move between characters or scenes in a dream and work directly with the tensions between opposites you often find there.  Rather than simply understanding with the mind what the dream is pointing to, this method creates genuine transformation in the moment.  


These two online evenings will be a simple experiential introduction to give you a feel for what is possible.  They will help you work with your own dreams in a very live and dyanamic way.   It works well with someone holding space for you, but you can also use it easily alone.   


Please don’t expect any theory - this is an experiential introduction only.   


To book:

Suggested donation:  £25 in total for both workshops 

Email me at to book and I’ll reply with my bank details.

You’ll receive the zoom link two days before and then again two hours before.  

If you have any questions just drop me a line.


Hope you’ll come and join me to have fun experimenting with your dreams from the inside out!       

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