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re-joining the world wild web
inspiration & practices to connect with the web of life

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Sunday 18th Sept 2022,  12 noon to 4.30pm
Location: Princes Risborough, close to town centre.

Would you like to:

  • Take time out and reconnect with our more than human kin?

  • tap into new scientific discoveries that reveal the network of relationships and constant communication that exist within the natural world?

  • understand how those discoveries mirror ancient indigenous wisdom?

  • learn simple practices that will help you to tune in to that wild conversation?

  • more consciously support the web of life?

Then this event is for you!

We are in a time of increasing environmental imbalance, driven by our separation from the natural world. If we are to create a life sustaining future, having a closer relationship with nature will be essential.

This half day gathering will explore the recent revolution in our understanding of the interconnectedness, intelligence and communication that underpins life.

Together, we will take time out to slow down and tune into nature. We will hear about some of the inspiring scientific discoveries that are re-shaping our understanding of how the natural world functions. We will explore parallels with ancient and traditional knowledge. We will experience practices that help us re-weave ourselves back into the web of life.


And we’ll also share a nice lunch!

Come and join us for a light-hearted and friendly afternoon in a lovely local garden.

How to book

Cost: £15 - £20 depending on means.

To book a place email 

We will reply with location address and payment details.

Please bring a simple veggie contribution for lunch to share.

And please come for 11.45am as we will start on time.



Justine Huxley is a senior consultant whose twin passions are building community resilience for climate change and helping humanity wake up to a new understanding of our kinship with all life. To find out more about Justine go to 

Andy Shipley lives in Princes Risborough and is a visually impaired nature connection teacher specialising in sensory immersion experiences. To find out more about Andy go to

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