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co-dreaming earth

a social dreaming experiment
inviting earth to speak through us

Part I:  Friday 23rd Sept  7pm to 9.15pm 

Part II:  Friday 30th Sept  7pm to 9.15pm 


Social dreaming 

The cry of the Earth is becoming louder and more painful with each passing day.  Many more people are now feeling the impact of Earth’s suffering, as well as the infinite pain of the more than human kingdoms.   In response to this time of deepening imbalance, I’m offering a simple experiment in deep listening.  I hosted a social dreaming matrix for the first time in the spring as part of a 7-week course on dreamwork.  The theme for this matrix was also Earth - and the experience touched my heart and left an imprint of tenderness.  


There is a beauty and a simplicity in asking for and listening to dreams and reflections about the natural world in this way.  It's a very different experience from personal dream interpretation which is about the individual’s inner life.  In social dreaming our personal journeys are kept in the background and we become instead a mouthpiece for messages and wisdom from the wider web of life.  


This is only one of many ways for us to listen to Earth collectively, but in our busy lives, we need to access all possible channels for that vital conversation.  


So for these reasons I feel called to offer this space again and make it more widely available.  


Social dreaming as a tool is also very transferable.  It can be used to sense into what’s alive in the unconscious of any particular system or set of relationships.  



The co-dreaming will include two evening sessions with a week in between in which to call forth our dreams.  


The first session will explain social dreaming and then use imagery to help engage our unconscious with the theme of Earth speaking through us.  We’ll also use a dialogue technique to elicit questions from the group collaboratively, with the aim of focusing our inquiry.  We will also design mini self-made rituals to help bring our chosen questions into the night time realm.  


In the second session we will hold the matrix, creating sacred space and listening to the  dreams and reflections that arise within our hive mind.  If you don’t dream during those seven days you can still participate as dreams you’ve had at other times in your life are also relevant, as are your heart reflections on what you hear from others.  After the matrix, we spend time digesting the themes and messages that emerged, and explore how we might each bring something of what we’re given into our outer lives.  


In between the two sessions there will be an optional whatsapp group which will send poetry, quotes or images once a day as a reminder to revisit our question to Earth before you sleep.  (The whatsapp group will be deleted after the matrix is complete.)  



How to book 


The suggested donation is £35 in total for both sessions.  


(If that is beyond your means please write to me anyway as I will hold a few bursary places) 

If you would like to join this simple experiment in listening to Earth please email me at and I will reply with confirmation and my bank details.  

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