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unlocking the wisdom of the dream:

using dreams for healing & way-finding

a 7 week online course starting 5th May


Dreams have been used by shamans and elders in all cultures throughout history.

They have used dreams for guidance and healing, and for coming into relationship with that which is beyond ourselves. The wisdom of dream interpretation is being increasingly lost from mainstream thinking. But in a world of growing distractions, untruth, and materialism dreamwork is a more relevant skill than ever before.

Dreams can teach us about ourselves in a very direct and helpful way. They are a rich source of healing, revealing our shadow projections and pointing the way towards wholeness and potential. They can be potent way-finders, helping us access guidance that comes from within. Dreams can show us our conditioning and help us go beyond it to access the power of our own instinctual nature (particularly helpful when the challenges of a disintegrating culture mean we must rely more and more on our own instincts).

Dreams plug us into not just our personal unconscious, but to the collective unconscious, the archetypal realms, the plane of the soul, and also to Earth wisdom. The superficiality of our culture is systematically eroding humanity’s link with those realms, a trend which is as dangerous as the outer erosion of our ecosystems. Being present to dreams can help us to reconnect with those realms, but more importantly, if we enter with the right attitude - in other words without being extractive, being willing to be of service - then our attention can help keep the bridge between the worlds alive. Listening to our dreams helps us forge a new kind of relationship with life, as a rich, magical, multi-dimensional being of which we are a part. This enriches our lives but also serves life itself.

There are few shamans left in the West - so we must become the shamans ourselves - by listening within, by learning how to decode the messages that come to us, as individuals and communities.

Join us as we unlock the wisdom of the dream - and open up a whole new world!



7 weeks starting  THURS 5th MAY 2022  7.15pm -9.15pm

Booking details - scroll down.

This 7 week online course will:

  • Help you understand the different kinds of dreams and the different levels of reality they come from

  • Provide simple but powerful tools to interpret dream messages

  • Dive deep into the nature of the personal and collective shadow, and offer an ongoing path towards healing and integration

  • Open up a more fluid relationship with your unconscious and enable you to better remember your dreams

  • Aim to empower you to work with your own inner material rather than being dependent on others for interpretation.


In each session, we will:

  • Create an intimate and respectful space

  • Learn new techniques from different dreamwork traditions

  • Apply the tools to our own dreams, in solo and pairwork

  • Learn from watching or being part of 1:1 dreamwork demonstrations

  • Experiment with drama and ritual as a way of integrating dream messages

  • Share some moments of silent meditation and reflection to deepen our access to the unconscious.

The course will include the following themes:

DIFFERENT TYPES OF DREAMS: Get to grips with mind dreams, shadow dreams, teaching dreams, integration dreams, warning dreams, precognitive dreams and real meetings on the inner planes.

DREAMS & THE SHADOW: Learn how to use dreams to integrate our rejected selves and claim our full wholeness and potential.

ACTIVE IMAGINATION: Practice dynamic tools for entering into dialogue with your dream figures and accessing their real message.

COLLECTIVE DREAMING: Explore dreams in relation to the wider world. Learn how dreams tap into the collective as well as the individual unconscious. Experience how dreamwork can function as a tool for the community.

DREAMS & NATURE: The natural world can also speak to us through the medium of dreams and can offer a fascinating window into a more subtle form of nature connection.

DREAMS & THE WIDER LANDSCAPE: Dreams can sometimes point towards dynamics in the wider world, and include the distortions of a world in collapse. How can we use them to fine tune our instincts and find a path through the madness?

DREAMS & THE NUMINOUS: Some dreams carry the quality of numinosity, some are genuine meetings on the plane of the soul, others are precognitive, showing us what has not yet come to pass. How can we invite this higher level of dreaming and distinguish it from other forms of dream when it comes?


You can read my biog on this page.  I'm passionate about the wisdom of dreams and been facilitating dreamwork groups for almost twenty years.  I've been a student on the Sufi path since I was thirty years old, and have absorbed a lot of dream wisdom through Sufism, which is a fundamental practice in our tradition.  I never, ever get bored of hearing people's dreams!

Please come and join us! You and your dreams are most welcome.


7 weeks starting THURS 5th MAY  7.15pm -9.15pm


£225 per person

(or £270 if you'd like a 55 min one to one dream session at a discount rate included in the price).


Email me at with one setence about what attracts you and one sentence about your background, and I'll reply with payment details. You'll get the zoom link as soon as the payment is received.


It will only be a small group and places will go fast so if you're interested, don't leave it too long...

Look forward to seeing you online!


This course explores both individual and collective dimensions of dreamwork. It is not a substitute for therapy. We will welcome and work with the material our unconscious brings us, but some psychological issues are best worked with in depth, one to one, with a therapist.

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